Apply for a Grant

The Foundation generally does not accept unsolicited applications. Invited organizations that provide education, scholarships, training, and mentoring for disadvantaged youth and young adults may be asked to submit an online Letter of Inquiry (LOI). The Foundation will review submissions and, if approved, may request that the applicant submit a Stage 2 Grant Application.

Grant Criteria

  • Applicant must be a public charity, organized under IRC sec. 501(c) (3), and qualified under IRC sec. 170(b) (1) (a).
  • Applicant organization is aligned with the mission of the Foundation and serves disadvantaged youth, individuals or families in Orange County or surrounding communities.
  • Grants funds may be used for program expenses, operating expenses or capital expenses.
  • Grant funds may not be used for organizational start-up expenses, although the Foundation will consider supporting start-up programs within an existing organization.
  • Generally, grants will not be made to fund endowments.
  • Grants shall generally be awarded for a single year.

Apply Online

Invited applicants may begin the Invitation-Only Expedited Application.

Note: You may save and return to an in-process application. Saved applications are not automatically submitted. Be sure to click "submit".

To access a saved application, log in with your email at: Access a Saved Application/Submit a Stage 2 Application

Submit Your Grant Report

Submit a Progress Report due 10 months after the grant award.

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